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Дарья Паненкова

SP/FS/ExhСезон 2018-2019Music
SPVideoSkyfall performed by Adele
FSVideoYou're Not From Here by Lara Fabian
SP/FS/ExhСезон 2017-2018Music
SPVideoWhile the Trees Sleep by David Nevue
I Dreamed a Dream performed by Idina Menzel and Lea Michele
choreo. by Daniil Gleikhengauz
FSVideoNe me quitte pas performed by Celine Dion
choreo. by Daniil Gleikhengauz
SP/FS/ExhСезон 2016-2017Music
FSVideo"Ne me quitte pas" performed by Celine Dion
choreo by Daniil Gleikhengauz
SP/FS/ExhСезон 2015-2016Music
SPVideoJames Bond Theme
FSVideoYou Lost Me" and "Fighter" by Christina Aguilera
SP/FS/ExhСезон 2014-2015Music
SPVideoChopin by Edvin Marton
FSVideoMaybe I Maybe You by Scorpions
SP/FS/ExhСезон 2013-2014Music
FSVideoSacred Pool Of Tears by Hans Zimmer, John Powell