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Дмитрий Ялин

SP/FS/ExhСезон 2019-2020Music
SPVideo"Smoke on the Water" performed by 2WEI
choreo. by Denis Lunin
FSVideoSarabande Suite by Globus
choreo. by Denis Lunin
SP/FS/ExhСезон 2018-2019Music
SPVideo"I'm a Survivor" by 2WEI
FSVideo"Xotica: Journey to the Heart" by Rene Dupere
ExhVideoLittle Big - Skibidi
Little Big - Faradenza
Chicken Song by Bass Boosted
SP/FS/ExhСезон 2017-2018Music
SPVideo"Malaguena" by Ernesto Lecuona
FSVideo"Xotica" from Cirque du Soleil
ExhVideo"Ego" by Willy Willliam
SP/FS/ExhСезон 2016-2017Music
FSVideoDie Fledermaus: Ouvertuere